Drysdale’s nephew, Lance Bradford, pertains to Beverly Mountains to begin with their job at bank as vp

Drysdale’s nephew, Lance Bradford, pertains to Beverly Mountains to begin with their job at bank as vp

However with every event to have Mrs. Drysdale’s hero, Jethro thinks it’s inside the honor once the he saved their own dog of bringing his locks clipped. When Lance provides their character speech, Jethro pulls up and happen to hits his vehicles, knocking him unconscious. Aired: Remind Me personally

Ep 14: The Hero, the fresh new Banker

Lance Bradford has started working as vp at the Commerce Financial, even when he really actually carrying out things helpful. Folks in the bank, but Drysdale, is actually thrilled locate Squirt Load operating during the financial. Jethro sees how girls on bank answer Lance’s shaadi reviews Sky Push uniform, thus the guy goes out to track down a several-star general uniform. Whenever Lance check outs, wanting yet another account, Jethro says to him he’s going to put their entire allocation regarding the lender in the event that the guy set him with the new girls. Aired: Prompt Me personally

Ep fifteen: Hype Bodine, Boy Standard

This new Clampetts rating a page out-of Steve and you can Betty Jo Elliot away from Hooterville that have an image of the little one. Using great thoughts out-of Hooterville using their history trip, your family chooses to wade. Meanwhile, Jethro has been sporting their four-star general’s consistent, convinced he could be a significant contour. When he gets wise that have Grandma, she hits your having a pan, therefore the guy thoughts into ft to possess morning meal. Aired: Prompt Me

Ep 16: The fresh Clampett-Hewes Kingdom

Jed and you may Howard Hewes are preparing to get their airport bargain most of the wrapped upwards, and you will Drysdale ous recluse from a billionaire. He brings along Jane, that is sporting pants and you will a vintage sweatshirt to seem such she’s the simple contact, with his three secretaries so you can sing “Howard Hughes, We love You.” Aired: Remind Me personally

Ep 17: How it happened so you can Shorty?

Whenever Shad Heller check outs the newest Clampetts, Jed requires how it happened to help you Shorty Kellems, however, Shad does not discover. At the same time, the latest Clampetts are experiencing dining taken regarding supply cellar. They want to look at the at night and hook Shorty within the your kitchen which have a treat. Aired: Encourage Myself

Ep 18: Marry Me personally, Shorty

Just after recalling just how much fun he previously that have Gloria, Shorty tries to escape marrying Elverna Bradshaw. To delay the wedding a small expanded, Shorty tells Elverna he is having a great bachelor party. Granny rates Drysdale will perform they, and you may immediately following Jed foretells Drysdale, Drysdale claims he’ll have the people, convinced Jed desires him to. Aired: Remind Me

Ep 19: Shorty Spits the fresh new Hook up

Shorty and Elverna’s special day has arrived. Elverna is pretty happy, when you’re Shorty is actually fearing it. Whenever Jed and you can Shad wake him up and simply tell him it’s their special day, the guy fights it. He hides on the toilet, looking for indicates away. Aired: Prompt Me personally

Ep 20: Three-Date Reprieve

Towards the relationship anywhere between Shorty Kellems and you will Elverna Bradshaw simply days out, Jed Clampett plus the Gran grab measures in order for the newest challenging backwoodsman doesn’t drop off. However, Shorty manages to slip of to possess some carousing which have Mr. Drysdale’s stunning secretaries. Aired: Encourage Me personally

Ep 21: The marriage

To keep Shorty lined up, Shad has established a crate. Shorty escapes it is soon grabbed and you can taken to his marriage rehearsal. New slippery Shorty, although not, escapes once again. Aired: Prompt Myself

Ep twenty-two: Annul You to Relationships

After Shorty and you will Gloria wed, men but the two of them require the wedding annulled. Gloria establishes she’d like to feel what their unique new way life have a tendency to end up like, and Jed tells their unique one he will show their particular. When he phone calls the new residence to inform these to arranged this new cabin, Granny believes he had partnered too. Nevertheless when one another “couples” get back, Granny, Jethro, and you may Elly learn that Shorty got hitched, however, Elverna did not, and you may Gloria had married, however, Jed don’t, and make Jethro and you will Granny believe both lovers can be found in a hollywood relationships. Aired: Encourage Myself

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